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Matt Skinner- Founder Of Empire West, A Boutique Private Equity Firm

In this episode host Felecia Phillips Curtis interviews Matt Skinner, founder of Empire West, a boutique private equity firm that specializes in cash flowing apartment buildings. Matt helps busy professionals invest passively in value added apartment buildings where they can enjoy cash flow, tax benefits and growth without having to worry about any of the hassles or […]

Seth Williams – Qualified full-time Land Investor and Residential Income Property Owner

Seth Williams is a full-time land investor and residential income property owner, with nearly a decade of experience in the commercial banking industry. He is also the Founder of – a real estate investing blog that offers real world guidance for part-time real estate investors. He helps people who own land and do not […]

Cameron Dunlap – Well Known Real Estate Investments Innovator, Teacher and Real Estate Insider

In today’s episode Cameron Dunlap, successful Real Estate investor since 1993, speaks to host Felecia Phillips Curtis about how to seal more deals and make more money in the Real Estate market. Cameron helps hundreds of real estate investors daily to achieve new heights by making more money and closing more deals! For more information […]

Tom “The People Conductor” Black – Qualified and Experienced Real Estate Agent, Associate Broker and Full Time Investor.

Tom “The People Conductor” Black has been a Real Estate agent since 2004 and an Associate Broker and full time Investor since 2009. In this episode with host Felecia Phillips Curtis Tom discusses how he assists new and experienced Wholesalers find, evaluate, negotiate, contract, assign and close investment deals. He has successfully settled 260 transactions […]

Charles (Chuck) Porter – Well known Real Estate Educator, Inspector and On Air Expert

Charles (Chuck) Porter, successful Real Estate Inspector for twenty-five (25) years, speaks to Felecia Phillips Curtis about educating buyers on the condition and care of their prospective home purchase, and educating sellers on potential unknown or hidden issues to help them prepare for the sale of their home. Chuck has performed hundreds of home inspections […]

Nate Lustig – Learn How To Diversify Your Assets – Invest In Latin America!

Listen in as Nathan Lustig, co founder of Andes Property, and Host Max Coursey discuss the differences between the real estate market in the US and in Latin America, as well as some investment best practices.

Ted Dahmus – Expert In Short and Long Term Property Rentals in Ohio and Tennessee

In this episode Ted Dahmus speaks to Host Felecia Phillips Curtis about lending his expertise to luxury home buyers (investments), luxury vacation renters (short and long term), luxury local renters (short and long term in Ohio and Tennessee, specifically in Norris Lake, TN and Cincinnati, OH). He also discusses assisting and guiding renters ranging from […]

Tim Dimmick – Realtor with RE/MAX Reliance of Souderton PA

Tim Dimmick speaks with Host Felecia Phillips Curtis about educating prospects about owning their own home and structuring an offer which is beneficial to them. Tim Dimmick is a Realtor with RE/MAX Reliance of Souderton PA. and a knowledgeable Finance Guru. Tim helps people who have a desire to own their own home but for […]

Marco Santarelli – Well Known Author, Teacher & Real Estate Insider

Marco Santarelli, Investor, Author and the founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, talks to Host Felecia Phillips Curtis about creating wealth and cash-flow through real estate. He is also the host of the Passive Real Estate Investing podcast. Marco through his vast knowledge and expertise, assists persons who are interested in escaping the ‘”rat race” […]

Engelo Rumora the Real Estate Dingo

In this episode Max Coursey interviews Engelo Rumora, AKA the Real Estate Dingo. Engelo is a successful Australian entrepreneur living in Toledo Ohio. Engelo has turned or flipped hundreds of properties. The Dingo also owns a leading discount real estate brokerage in Ohio. Engelo gives the viewers a perspective that real estate investment is tough […]

Mitch Stephen – Well Known Author, Teacher & Real Estate Insider who has become the Bank!

In this episode Mitch Stephen, Famous Author, Visionary & Real Estate Giant, talks to Host Felecia Phillips Curtis about insider secrets to real estate investing that can help you fire your boss! Mitch Stephen helps INVESTORS FIND THEIR FINANCIAL FREEDOM and CREATE A LIVESTYLE THEY CHOOSE. Mitch is the author of the “MY LIFE & […]

Jesse Hamilton – S.V.P. and General Counsel for Pioneer Title discusses 1031 exchange

In this interview Jesse Hamilton a Senior VP and General Counsel for Pioneer Title explains what a 1031 Exchange is along with its history. Host Max Coursey and Hamilton discuss qualified intermediaries, rules, timelines, and Federal interpretations regarding the 1031 like kind exchange. They also touch on the benefits of converting real estate assets ie. […]

Charity Woods – Active Real Estate Investor Since 1999

In this episode Charity Woods discusses how she helps new investors achieve their maximum potential through one on one coaching and mentoring. She has been an active real estate investor since 1999 and is currently a partner or owner of four real estate investment firms in VA. Charity is the author of That Flipping Book, […]

SHERYL SIMON – Principal at Benoit Mizner Simon

Today’s guest is SHERYL SIMON, Principal at Benoit Mizner Simon. She assists both buyers and sellers either in their home search or to market their home for sale. With over 20 years in the business, her expertise in helping them achieve their goals in a most seamless and proficient way is paramount to her. Sheryl’s […]

Nelson Gonzalez – Senior Vice President of EWM Realty International

Nelson Gonzalez is Senior Vice President of EWM Realty International and No.1 realtor in Miami-Dade County for 2015. He has sold over $1 billion in luxury real estate throughout his 25+ career. He helps luxury home buyers and sellers sell, invest and purchase high-end waterfront properties in Miami Beach. His hard work and dedication to […]

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