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Is Bankruptcy The ‘Kiss of Death’? With Jaime Richards

In this episode, we welcome Jaime Richards of Richards, Brinley & Richards to discuss the myth that bankruptcy is the ‘kiss of death’.  Is it immoral to file bankruptcy?  Will bankruptcy ruin your credit?  Find out on this episode of Legal Myth Busters.

Is a Short Sale Better Than A Bankruptcy or Foreclosure? With Lewis Adams

In this episode, special guest Lewis Adams of Lewis Adams & Associates discusses the myth that a short sale is better than a bankruptcy or a foreclosure.  Learn the truth about short sales, bankruptcy and foreclosure, to see which one makes the most sense for your situation.

I’m Covered I Ain’t Got No Worries With Guest Greg Stokes

In this episode, we interview Greg Stokes of Stokes & Kopitsky.  Greg discusses the idea that insurance companies will take care of you after an accident, and that you don’t need a lawyer.  Learn the truth about when you need a lawyer after an accident, how you can ensure that you get everything you are […]