Steven Washer, the “Sherlock Holmes of Video Marketing”, is on a mission to unlock the power of video so thought leaders, mavericks, and independent business owners can use the power of the movies to attract clients and other opportunities that take their messages far and wide.Video is fast becoming the preferred way that consumers make decisions to solve problems that are giving them serious discomfort. Video trumps text every day of the week for conveying tone of voice, body language, and the meaning of what is said, so getting to YES can be easier than ever before.

A life-long love affair with movies and technology, and learning from his work as a professor, marketer and director uniquely prepared Steve to guide people from around the globe to leverage their own video cameras to make money. It’s just that simple.

Entrepreneurs, helping professions, and people on missions for good need a platform to say why what they do matters. The paths they’ve traveled to reach this place of service are often compelling reasons for clients to lean in and want to engage.

It’s time to learn how to use the camera to make magic happen now in your life and business.

Steve’s signature seminar, How to Use the Magic of Video to Engage Loyal Paying Clients Who Need You!, is available to your group now.

For booking information, contact us at: www.Visible

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