RoseAnn Janzen: The “No BS Psychic” for Business

RoseAnn is a psychic, a Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneur, and an artist. She is also the creator of the Life Cards.

Part of her job here in the world is to actually let people know that we all possess divine qualities, and it’s time to get out there and say it and do it and be it and get through all the lies and the fear.

Zaza Giroday

A long time international journalist (Knight Ridder Financial News/Reuters), Ida Giroday is a contributor for The huffington Post, Small Business Trendsetters, CNN iReport, USA Today and Talk Show Host at Business Innovators Radio.
She is also the publisher of Centerpiece Magazine.

With over 20 years of helping businesses with communication and branding, she is an educator and advocate for women entrepreneurs.

Zaza Giroday is the founder of the transformational movement Feminine Influencers, dedicated to inspire and empower women all over the world.