Maura Sweeney – Ambassador of Happiness

Featured on NBC-TV, Britain’s BBC and over 125 media outlets in the U.S. and abroad, Maura is a lecturer on Influence and Leadership. Engaged in a vocation she says required a half a century of preparation, Maura now inspires others to become their biggest, happiest and most authentic selves. A former corporate manager, business co-owner and home-schooling mom, Maura has also traveled to nearly 60 countries. Passionate about people from every background, she shares stories that unite rather than divide and helps us see what’s best in us all. Recommended by Law of Attraction magazine, Maura recently released Foundations of Happiness, a multi-media, self-study course helping others improve their emotional intelligence and find their way to personal happiness.

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Mike Saunders, MBA

Mike Saunders is an Authority Marketing Strategist at Marketing Huddle, the author of Amazon Bestselling book Authority Selling™, Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities, contributor to The Huffington Post, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council – an invitation-only community for the World’s Most Influential Business and Career Coaches.